Terms of Payment and Dispatch

Dispatch is effected by delivery of the goods to the address provided by the customer and upon payment of the stipulated cost of packaging and freight. Should the customer wish for a special, non-standard type of freight, all additional cost incurred hereby are to be borne by the customer.

  • Delivery is effected within Austria and throughout the EU.
  • The normal delivery time within Austria is 2-3 and within Germany 3-5 working days from the day the order was placed.
  • The normal delivery time for foreign dispatch is up to 10 working days from the day the order was placed. All costs of freight are being calculated according to the target country.
  • We accept no claims for compensation arising from delays in delivery that result from force majeure or any interruption of operations outside of the influence of kindsknopf GmbH.
  • No Delivery and sale to the following countries: USA / Canada / Australia

Cost of packaging and freight 

  • For delivery within Austria, a flat fee of 6,00 EUR is added to each order, independent of the number and weight of products in the shipment.
  • Germany & other EU countries: 19,00 EUR.
  • Non-EU countries: 25,00 EUR.
  • Special freight-related expenses, such as for example charges for cash on delivery, have to be borne by the recipient.
  • Return costs have to be borne by the customer, without any exception. See our Terms and Conditions for Business pt. 7 “Right of Revocation”